What a year! 2020 did NOT turn out the way we hoped!

It has been a strain financially, emotionally, and physically for many!

We want to end on a positive note, so we are introducing our first ever

Operation "Sight B-fore Christmas!!!"

This program will donate eyeglasses and eyeglass care kits to anyone who is in significant need.

If you know someone who may benefit from this program, please LIKE OUR PAGE and use Facebook Messenger to send a confidential message that includes the following information:

1) Name of the individual you are nominating.

2) Their age.

3) Their gender.

4) The individual's contact information (phone, text, or email)

5) Why do you feel they would benefit from this program?

The individual must be available on the evening of December 18th to show up in person. We will fit them with glasses and make them while they wait, time and supplies allowing. If they do not have an active eyeglass prescription, our "doctor" elves will help determine one for them!

If you would like to sponsor an individual, you may purchase a complete pair of glasses for $10, a care kit for $10, or combine them for $20 per individual. Santa's elves will do the rest!

All donations and nominations must be submitted no later than December 15th.

Melissa Holliman, OD, FABCO 

David Holliman, OD, FABCO


1203 N. Eastman Rd.

Kingsport, TN 37664

Phone (423)247-3321

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