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Notes for any future editor.

Home Page Slideshows
he slideshow on the first page is intended for us to be able to make "cards" in photoshop or fire alpaca (the free editor used to make most of the images for the website)  that are clickable to specific pages. This way once holiday and "special" pages are made we can just add and remove cards to the link whenever the occasion arises. The size used is 6000px by 2000px at 300 dpi.

Shop Rules and Reasons
In the shop page there are many things that Wix will not allow us sell. (Example: Vitamins, Medical Equipment etc...) To manage this we have links set up to some of our partner programs like Lunovus. We also have a few links to insurances we use. Some of these links may give us kickback if PTs sign up. 

The "Reviews" page
All reviews come from the review section on weave. These are manually typed into Wix under the "Content Manager" section. ( Content Manager > Manage Content > Reviews ) There are great YouTube tutorials on this Wix feature if you are not familiar with it.
We use the first and last initial and where they are from to fill out the left box (Information fount in Revolution) then we will copy and paste the review from weave. We post both good and bad reviews to keep the profile honest. The only exception to this rule is if the review personally attacks one of the Dr or an employee.


(Last updated 05/11/2022)

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