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"Just like visiting family. Thanks for being friendly..!!"

P.G. of Kingsport TN

"Very nice everyone was very professional"

J.O. of Kingsport TN

"I was in today for a cataract surgery followup visit. I did have to wait alittle bit to be called in, but everyone was friendly and the visit ended on a positive note."

S.D. of Kingsport TN

"As always….professional staff and physicians!"

T.W. of Kingsport TN

"Everyone was so nice and they all did an amazing job."

L.K. of Kingsport TN

"Diasapointed that Dr Melissa was correcting her staff in front of patients."

A.K. of Kingsport TN

"Fast, friendly, and helpful with dealing with my current eye concerns"

J.F. of Kingsport TN

"I was so happy the whole time I was there , Jennifer was fantastic, so patient and understanding, very satisfied? Thank you"

M.E. of Kingsport TN

"All was great! Staff always nice and courteous. Dr David is great!"

P.B. of Kingsport TN

"I am well pleased with the professionalism of all the staff. I was treated with respect from aall. The eye exam was top notch and things were well explained to me. I highly recommend this practice to family and friends."

D.C. of Pennington Gap VA

"Today's visit was as usual a very pleasant experience. Everyone there is so nice and friendly. I was treated with respect and dignity. Love Dr. Melissa Holliman as she is so knowledgeable and efficient. For the procedure from sign in to leaving was only about 45 minutes. Very nice environment. Highly recommend to others. Thank you everyone for being there to meet my needs. Have a blessed day"

S.V. of Kingsport TN

"The staff is very friendly and helpful. We really the Dr as well. Thank you for the excellent service you provide."

J.S. of Kingsport TN

"You did a great job explaining everything to my 6yr old grandson"

V.C. of Kingsport TN

"I could not ask for a better experience!!! Dr. David and his staff are second to none!!! The patience, care, and understanding they all show really makes them stand out. I wouldn’t trust my eye care needs to anyone else. Thank you Thani you Thank you!!"

M.L. of Church Hill TN

"Actually spent less time for my eye exam, even they being understaffed. Always feel welcomed and confident with the results of the exam. I know I am in good hands. Thank you."

R.B. of Church Hill TN

"It was good l really like Dr. David he’s awesome with Alex"

C.H. of Hiltons VA

"Great experience!!!"

W.S. of Fort Blackmore VA

"It wasgreat! Thank you for what you do! GOD Bless."

C.M. of Kingsport TN

"Staff and Dr. David are always professional and pleasant. I've been a patient here for years and would highly recommend."

J.D. of Kingsport TN

"Very good. Friendly staff. Appreciated that Dr. Holliman spent time to explain things with me."

L.W. of Kingsport TN

"5 star ⭐️⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️"

M.H. of Hiltons VA

"Very enjoyable experience, see you next time!"

M.W. of Kingsport TN

"I was beyond please with the visit. I was able to get mine and my son's eye exam and contact fitting done in less than 2 hours. My son was not scared once! The staff is phenomenal with kids and made it such a great experience."

M.B. of Mt Carmel TN

"The front office staff is helpful kind and friendly. The two young ladies helping Dr David r so sweet . Dr David is the best. Always helpful informative and kind and sweet. I always feel comfortable coming to the office. Thanks everyone"

D.P. of Church Hill TN

"Very nice staff Quick and thorough"

A.H. of Kingsport TN

"Our experience today was great! All of the staff was very professional and friendly. Dr Melissa was excellent! She explained everything and is great with kids. I can’t say enough good things about the Dr. Melissa and the staff. We will definitely return. Thanks again!"

K.S. of Wise VA

"I was very Pleased With My Visit Today.My exam, Diagnosis and my Consultation"

C.H. of Kingspsort TN

"It was a great visit. All the staff were friendly and nice"

S.H. of Kingsport TN

"Great service and nice people"

J.F of Kingsport TN

"Very good experience as always. I have been going here for years & think Dr. Melissa is the best! She really knows her stuff. I really like her & trust her. The staff has been good to me. I think it is a very professional run business!"

C.A. of Church Hill TN

"I trust Dr. Melissa to give me a very good exam every time I visit! She is very thorough and ensures I have the best prescription for me. I have been going to her for many years. Also the guy on check out has the best personality!"

P.H. of Gray TN

"Thank you very much! You handled things professionally and with kindness and respect!"

J.O. of Kingsport TN

"My two year old was very scared and the doctor and staff did a wonderful job on helping us thru the vist."

M.H. of Church Hill TN

"Very nice visit"

E.B. of Kingsport TN

"Wonderful experience! Awesome Dr and staff. Would definitely recommend."

A.J of Big Stone Gap VA

"Great! It’s always a great visit! had a good check up and got the sunglasses I wanted!!"

D.L. of Kingsport TN

"You all are incredible! Thank you so much!"

K.C. of Kingsport TN

"Everyone was nice and very helpful and Will train for their job. Thanks for taking care of me."

W.E. of Kingsport TN

"Staff was friendly and helpful always checking on me. Dr. MELISSA did an amazing job on removing my skin tags. Didnt even hurt. I always feel comfortable when I visit the eye clinic. They r the best.Thanks so much for the care u show me and my husband"

D.P. of Church Hill TN

"Excellent, very professional as usual. The staff is always efficient and friendly and the optical staff does an outstanding job. Thanks."

S.C. of Kingsport TN


N.A. of Church Hill TN

"Everything was great and everyone was so nice. Thank you"

S.H. of Mt Carmel TN

"My 3 year old was very hyperactive today, more than normal, and the staff was extremely understanding and demonstrated phenomenal patience with him. I could not have been more satisfied with my visit, thank you all."

D.L. of Kingsport TN

"Wonderful! Great staff and done in a timely manner. They are a 10 out of ten. God bless"

T.B. of Rogersville TN

"Fantastic and comprehensive experience, as always!"

S.H. of Kingsport TN

"Every thing was good.. Staff is always polite and efficient .I was nervous and Dr.Holliman made me calmer with his words of encouragement. Thanks"

J.W. of Kingsport TN

"Quick and thorough as always"

B.C. of Kingsport TN

"My experience was great with eye care. Glasses could be more cost effective. My lens cost more than frames and office visit. I could get them online alot cheaper but the info needed was not provided. It should be the patients right to choose either in store or purchase online. The information to purchase online should not be with held from patient."

J.B. of Mount Carmel TN

"My first appointment... y'all were so nice and great...very thought...I appreciate y'all very much... looking forward to my next visit...thank you"

D.B. of Kingsport TN

"I always enjoy my eye visit ( except for the dilation) everyone at the office is a pleasure."

J.G. of Jonesville VA

"The staff were very nice. I liked the many steps it took to get the rx. Right.overall I would recommend to a friend or neighbor."

L.S. of Church Hill TN

"Friendly staff, comfortable waiting room. All questions answered. Very good experience."

J.C. of Kingsport TN

"Very good eye doctor to go to. Highly recommended"

R.K. of Kingsport TN

"Pleasant and informative. Much appreciated"

J.J. of Kingsport TN

"Very efficient and friendly staff."

T.T. of Kingsport TN

"Everything went well! Everyone was friendly and professional."

R.F. of Kingsport TN

"Very good service."

E.D. of Church Hill TN

"Great as usual."

L.C. of Kingsport TN

"I was very pleased with everyone Involved with my visit"

K.M. of Kingsport TN

"My first visit was great!! Very friendly,and welcoming.the br. Was great he explained what was going on with my eyes even what I can expect in the future! Then the ladies helped me pick a pair of glasses I feel do not make me look awful!!! As well as explaining in detail my lens options!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!"

L.B. of Church Hill TN

"Great visit. Very knowledgeable doctor. Thank you."

S.G. of Kingsport TN

"Check up and doctor were great! I don’t care much for how it is set up for shopping for glasses. I felt the gentleman was rushing me."

J.M. of Rogersville TN

"It was great"

J.J. of Kingsport TN

"I had a wonderful experience. Everyone was very caring and helpful. It’s a very nice environment as well inside."

J.E. of Kingsport TN

"I waited on more than ten minutes to go back an nurse's were very nice I waited no longer than five minutes for Dr. Holloman to come in. Every one are so nice."

L.H. of Kingsport TN

"Great experience. Thank you."

T.B. of Blountville TN

"Not very impressed! Spending 2 hours and 5 minutes for an appointment to me is uncalled for. If patients cannot be seen in a timely matter, quit scheduling so many or so close together."

C.K. of Kingsport TN

"You all are great and so friendly you all are the best thank you all so much"

B.R. of Duffield VA

"Found office staff to be cordial and kind. Everything seems to run efensively."

P.O. of Johnson City TN

"Very good experience. I’ve been coming there for a long time now. LensCrafters quit accepting my insurance so I tried vision works could not see out of my glasses 2 separate times so I went to family eye care and they got it right the first time haven’t looked back since. Very detailed on eye exam and when picking out your glasses. High index is the only way to go for astigmatism. Great experience all the way around!!!"

G.H. of Gate City VA

"Service was very slow . always pd for service at end of visit. Had to come back in from shopping. If having problems with people not paying just don't give perscriptions."

R.M. of Church Hill TN

"All the people were super to this old man. thanks"

C.G. of Fall Branch TN

"I had a very professional and helpful experience. The staff and Dr. M were excellent."

F.M. of Kingsport TN

"Good experience, everyone was friendly and professional"

R.S. of Church Hill TN

"Everyone was very nice and professional Good People"

J.S. of Weber City VA

"As always prompt professional service. Always feel comfortable at Family Vision Center PLLC . Wonderful staff."

S.E. of Kingsport TN

"You all are incredible! Thank you so much!"

K.C. of Kingsport TN

"Very Positive experience, everyone was very kind and helpful, thank you!"

A.V. of Kingsport TN

"Great visit!! Very efficient on covering all problem areas. Job well done. Highly recommend to everyone! 👍👀🤩"

G.H. of Kingsport TN

"Hey I want to leave a good Google review as well but this has been the second time I’ve been super impressed with the staff. Shoutout to Zachary who helped me in a moment of extreme peril, Dr. Melissa and whoever my sweet nurse was today. Also the front desk girls who offered to help me with my paperwork as I was wearing an eyepatch. I’ve got a chemical burn in my eye and everyone was so sweet and helpful and accommodating. Can’t speak highly enough of you guys and I want to thank everybody involved. Loss of vision and eye pain is scary and all of you helped me feel calmer about it and so much better. THANK YOU!!!"

T.C. of Kingsport TN

"It was wonderful everything was explained extremely well and I understood everything exactly what they were talking about and all that"

T.C. of Church Hill TN

"I called the office today because my daughter woke up with a nasty eye infection. Zachary was VERY pleasant on the phone. There was a lot to the process since she had never before been seen there and he was super patient with me. The check-in person was friendly and the lobby was really nice. The aquarium was a nice distraction for our daughter! My husband and I were very pleased with Dr. David. He was very nice and knowledgeable and he made our daughter feel comfortable during the appointment. I have since made myself an appointment as I am a contact lens/ glasses wearer and due for my check-up."

G.G of Fall Branch TN

"I was treated very kind by everyone there. Although I was late for my appointment, Dr. David still spent a lot of time explaining everything to me, in great detail. I was very satisfied with the way the one who did the pre-testing. She was really nice and professional. The lady at the front desk , as well as the young man at the check-out desk were also helpful and thorough. I was very well pleased with my experience."

N.F. of Kingsport TN


F.D of Kingsport TN

"I came to have my grandson’s eye exam. I talked to Dr Holliman about the issues I was having with the optical service. He was attentive and understood my concerns. My grandson has a complicated eyeglass prescription, and was made to go without glasses for a week because he broke both pairs of his glasses. I didn’t get my annual reminder for his appointment because I changed my phone number, so they said that they couldn’t do anything. Dr Holliman has been caring for my grandson since he was 18 months old, and he is almost seven. I knew that it would be about 10 days before his new glasses would come in. He told me that Brody would be leaving the office with a new pair of glasses, with the lenses that match his new prescription. I am ever so grateful for Dr Holliman’s professionalism and sincere concern for his patients."

B.B. of Kingsport TN

"Very pleased with Dr David Holliman. He's so thorough and quick to see issues that may be progressing. He explains everything so there's no doubt in any diagnosis."

J.P. of Kingsport TN

"Very good experience as always. The man who helped me out with glasses (John, I think?) was exceptional. He explained things very clearly and was super nice!"

D.C. of Kingsport TN

"Done amazing with my daughter."

C.G. of Kingsport TN

"I love your practice. Everyone is so kind & helpful especially John!"

K.D. of Kingsport TN

"Staff was great, check in was easy, doctors were great. Thank you for the kindness and respect shown by all."

A.K of Church Hill TN

"Excellent as always"

T.D. of Kingsport TN

"The visit went well. That was her first visit. She enjoyed it. Thanks"

Z.C. of Kingsport TN

"Excellent visit. Dr. Melissa took time to listen to me and educate me. She is a stellar doctor. Amanda is a stellar employee. The staff was helpful. Zachary was extremely helpful, getting my wheel chair in and out of the trunk of the car. Thank you all."

M.Y. of Kingsport TN

"Great experience! Fast"

L.H. of Kingsport TN

"My visit was excellent! Dr Holliman was extremely nice and he new exactly how to help me. I have been a patient there for many years! Thank you"

C.H. of Kingsport TN

"The staff is super nice and knowledgeable. I'd recommend them to everyone I know!"

L.D. of Blackwater VA

"Very good service. Felt comfortable with the doctor and staff. Thank you."

W.D. of Church Hill TN

"My visit was fabulous. I was glad that the doctor explained everything to where I could understand and look forward to my next visit!"

L.G. of Kingsport TN

"Every one of the staff were wonderful! They helped me decide on a pair of glasses as well as engaging in nice conversation. The Dr. was the first one that ever took care to ensure the best vision I could have in a compromised eye, where others only gave me my best vision in my good eye! I felt very well taken care of. I am very pleased!"

D.G. of Kingsport TN

"Best Eye doctor visit I ever had. Everyone was extremely pleasant, professional and welcoming. Dr. H was very informative, and took time to listen to me and explain everything without my feeling rushed. Glad we found Family Eye Care."

L.C. of Fall Branch TN

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